A Psychogeographical Drift Through Air

September 29, 2018

A Psychogeographical Drift Through Air

This project explores the sounds of air vents around the city.

A thought

That you can hear the voice of the structures escaping from the vents.
That you can hear the whole body from these openings.


Transforms these structures into sonic information.

Gröna Vallen

The sound of this small house is very bass heavy, with a touch of metallic noises from the vent plates.

Mariaplan 16

The vent is located in an alleyway like structure.
In the recording you hear residents walking to the laundry room.

Coop Nära Mariaplan

A big structure containing many vents, close to Mariaplan 16.

My Way Linné Platsen

Recorded on a sunny day with lots of noises from trams and busses.
The manager of My Way came out to see what was going on.

Thanks Layla Van der Oord for editorial assistance and Johan Melander and Marcus Olsson for the recording assistance.

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