Public Drones

Public Drones

November 22, 2018

Public Drones is a set of live concerts in the public realm. With prerecorded drones and megaphones the city is set to vibration.

Orchestrating the drones at sunrise as a kind of alarm clock, while the city is waking up. To set a tune to that moment in the day when people are getting about their lives, rising up and still dreaming. Hopefully placing a seed or just a glimpse of wonder, something a pedestrian who happens to hear it can audiate upon.

Public Drones contributes to the magic of the urban soundscape by adding a sonic layer to the soundscape. The drones are inspired by the not uncommon occuring drones in the urban soundscape. With the amplifying and staging of these events, the city tunes in. The urban soundscape is filled with many mysteries and hidden sound sources one can stumble across. The sources are often too far away or out of sight to be perceived other than sonically.


This drone began at sunrise for the duration of ten minutes. This location was recorded some hundred meters away in the middle of the street. While the drone was sounding citizens were moving towards daily life and there were some people who packed a car with their belongings like plants, record collection and their rugs.

Skansken Koronan

As with the other drones the method is to start the drone at dawn and make it last for ten minutes. At this location the buzzing and humming started at seven thirty and the sound in the recording was captured in a park in close proximity to the drone. At this point the urban soundscape was filled with citizens getting to work, school and other appointments. There is a sense of direction everywhere.

Video documentation from the recording of Masthuggskyrkan.

released November 22, 2018

Thanks Layla Van der Oord for editorial assistance and Johan Melander and Marcus Olsson for the recording assistance.

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